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We provide a wide range of services, including:

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Individual counseling

In the course of of our lives each of us face issues that overwhelm us - death of a loved one, divorce, trauma, serious illness, etc. Sometimes the normal supports of family, faith, and friends is not enough to work through the problems. It is then that professional counseling can help us get unstuck. For others, early life experiences, such as trauma or abuse, may be impacting the ability to function in the present. Resolving the past can help us live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Family counseling

There are times when family conflict can reach a point where it seems that there is no way to resolve it. Having an outside mediator can help find solutions. Also many problems, like addictions, impact the whole family, and treatment needs to involve the family to be effective.

Marital or relationship counseling

Couples struggle at times with issues that threaten the future of the relationship. Poor communication, affairs, addictions, or blended family issues can all place great strain on a relationship. Counseling can help identify the problems and come up with strategies to get the relationship back on track.

Group therapy

Wyandot Counseling offers substance abuse intervention groups. The groups meet weekly for 90 minutes. Both morning and evening groups are available. Fee is $23 per session. Periodically WCA offers specialized groups for women, depression, or anxiety.

Substance abuse

​Young Adult Substance Abuse Seminar

This is a two day program for 18-21 year-olds who have been involved in an underage drinking offense. This is an educational program held at St. Francis Spirituality Center in Tiffin.

Weekend Substance Abuse Program

This is a two day program for youth under 18 who have been involved in the harmful use of substances. Held at Angeline School.


Wyandot Counseling Associates' skilled counselors can provide psychosocial assessments for the following issues - child behavior problems, substance abuse (including DOT/SAP) , child welfare, and sexual offenders. Assessments generally involve 2-3 one hour sessions.